To view the administration options for documents:

  1. Click Administration
  2. Click Documents from the drop down menu
  3. This will display your companies Document Library

How to Use the Action Buttons

The functions of the buttons displayed from left to right, are:

  • Add Folder - Click to add a new folder or group for your documents
  • Filter - Sorts the list of documents based on the information entered
  • Order Folders - Enables the ability to rearrange the list of folders
  • Upload - Will allow you to Upload a new document
  • Export - Will allow you to Download a record of your documents

How to Use Page Filters

Many pages within 1Life Platform contain filters. These filters can be used as a quick search feature to allow you to find items within large lists with ease. One such page is the Documents page.

Clicking the Filter button on this page will open the list of filters currently available. From here, if you wanted to look up one specific document by name, folder, and more, you would type the information into the spaces provided then press the Apply button.

You can press the Filter button to minimize the options but note the button style has now changed color to indicate that filters are currently active. You will also see the list of users below has been updated to reflect the list of individuals that met the desired criteria. 

To remove your filters, reopen the Filter button, then press Clear: you will notice the Filter button returned to its normal color.

How to Manage Document Folders

Your company’s documents are stored within folders to separate document types, like a digital filing cabinet. To see the current list of document folders, click Administration, then select Documents from the drop down menu to view your Document Library.

Each folder can have additional subfolders, up to two levels for additional sorting. 

To add a new folder:
  1. Click the AddFolder icon, located at the top of the page 
  2. Enter the name for the new folder
  3. Click Save to accept and create the folder
To add subfolders:
  1. Click on an existing folder or subfolder to view more details
  2. Click the Add Folder icon within the folder
  3. Enter your subfolder name
  4. Click Save to accept and create the subfolder
To rearrange folders:
  1. Click the Order Folders button
  2. Rearrange the list by clicking and dragging the items
  3. Click Confirm to accept your changes and reorder the list of folders
To edit a folder:
  1. Click the Edit Pencil icon for that group
  2. Rename the Folder
  3. Click Save to accept and rename the folder
To delete a folder:
  1. Click the trash can icon
  2. Click Confirm this will delete all records within that folder

How to Upload a Document(s)

To upload a new document or multiple documents, click Administration then select Documents from the drop down menu. Click the Upload button, located on the right side of this page. 

You will see a window open that allows you to locate and upload files from your computer/network. Select the document(s) you wish to upload and click Open. You can add more documents by clicking Choose Files at the top of the following screen:

Here you can specify the following settings globally by filling out the Global Settings, or set them individually for each document by filling out the respective fields provided:

  • Set which folder the documents are going to be stored within
  • Set the documents expiry dates
  • Attach the documents to a group
  • Assign the documents to users

Once you are done organizing and assigning, click Save. This will upload your documents and save them to your library. 

How to Update an Existing Document

To update an existing document:

  1. Click Administration, then click Documents from the drop down menu.
  2. Click the edit pencil in the row beside the document you wish to edit.

This will take you to the Document Details screen. From here, you can:

  • Change the name of the record
  • Upload a new file to replace the old one
  • Change which group the document is stored within
  • Update the expiry date
  • Publish/unpublish the document

If you make any changes to the name of the document or the file associated with this record, it will create a new version of the record that will be displayed in the table at the bottom of the page. You can then download any previously uploaded documents or see the history of the name changes from within this table.

  1. Click Save to accept your changes and update the record.
  2. The document's revision history will update if any changes have been made.

How to Publish / Unpublish Documents

When a new document is uploaded, only web admins can see the document within 1Life Platform. For regular users to see the document in 1Life Platform or in the mobile app, the document needs to be published.

To publish a document, click Administration then select Documents from the drop down menu. Click on the eye icon in the actions section for the given document to immediately change the published / unpublished state. 

Next time a mobile user syncs their device, they will get access to all newly published documents, and unpublished documents will be removed from their mobile device.

Documents have two states they can be in:

  1. Published – indicated by a “green eye” beside the document name. Anyone can view the documents in 1Life Platform and the mobile application.
  2. Unpublished – indicated by an “orange eye” beside the document name. Only web administrators can see the document in 1Life Platform.

How to Bulk Assign Documents to User Groups

  1. Click the tag icon to see currently attached groups
  2. Click Attach Groups at the top of this window
  3. Select the group you wish to attach
  4. Click Confirm to assign the document to all users within that group

How to Delete a Document

  1. Click the trash icon beside a given document
  2. Click Confirm to permanently delete the document

How to Assign a Document for Review (Bulk Assign)

To assign a document to a user, first locate the document you wish to assign within your Document Library then click the person icon beside the document.

This will display a window that will let you see all current assignments for this document, as well as add or remove an assignment. 

To assign the document:

  1. Click the Assign Document button
  2. Search or filter the list of users if required
  3. Click the checkbox beside a user to select them
  4. Click Confirm to assign the document to the selected users

Note: The document will only be sync'd to the mobile device if the Company Setting is on,

You can now view all your assigned documents by clicking the Assigned Documents tab at the top of the page.

How to Mass Manage Documents

Mass manage documents allows you to move many files, attach groups, assign to specific employees, publish and unpublish the documents, and mass delete.

Simply click on the box in the front of the document, and you will see Selected Files pop up at the bottom. Click to open.

Remember to assign documents, documents must be first published.

Note: The document will only be sync'd to the mobile device, if the Company Setting is on,

How to Add Documents from the Resource Library

To add a record from the Resource Library into your company’s document library:

  1. Click Administration
  2. Click Documents from the drop down menu
  3. Click the Resources tab located at the top of the screen

  1. Click the checkbox beside the resources you wish to add, or click Select All in the group heading
    • You will notice the Selected Files button appear at the bottom of the page which indicates how many files have been selected
  2. Click Selected Files to set the folder in which the documents will be saved
  3. Set if you would like to publish them to be visible to all users by clicking the eye icons
  4. Click Confirm to import all of the selected documents

Note: Green background means the resource has previously been added to your library.

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