Groups are versatile, as you can use them to group your users for automated training, viewing data, assigning forms and documents and reporting. This makes it easy to manage and filter your users.

Groups consist of four parts: 

  1. Users that are part of the group
  2. Documents (policies, safe work procedures, etc.) those employees need to review and sign.
  3. Online training those employees need to take as part of their training requirements
  4. Tasks that are required to ensure the employee is reminded and kept on track.

There are several common ways to build out your groups: 

  1. Job Role – Office staff, supervisor, plumber, electrician, etc. 
  2. Division/Area of Plant – Welding, front office, paint-booth, etc. 
  3. They can be anything that fits your business. 

We recommend that you have other GENERAL groups: 

  1. All Employees – This is training that all employees in the company would need, regardless of their role. 
  2. Supervisors – They usually have specific training needs, i.e., the Supervisor Essentials course. 
  3. Safety Committee/Rep – They have specific training needs/courses.

To view your Groups: 

  1. Click Administration
  2. Click Users from the drop down menu
  3. Click the Groups tab at the top of the page 

How to Add a New Group
  1. To add a new group, click the plus icon located at the top right corner of the page
  2. Enter the name of the group
  3. When finished, click Confirm

How to Export Groups
  1. To export your groups, click the export icon at the top right of the page.
  2. This will export the group information as a .xls spreadsheet file and save it to your computer.

How to Add Users to the Groups

Find the name of the group that you want to add users to and click on the name. To add users;

  1. Click on the attach users icon to open a list of your users
  2. Click on the top box to select all or select individual users.
  3. Click the Confirm button to assign them to the group.

You can also add users to a group by viewing the specific users profile, then clicking the 'Add Group' button.

How to Bulk Assign Documents 

Find the name of the group that you want to add documents to and click on it. From here, click on the Documents subtab. All documents listed are already assigned to the employees in the group. 

  1. Click on Attach Documents to bring up a list of unassigned documents. 
  2. Click the checkbox beside all documents you want to be assigned to the employees that are associated with that group. You can select documents from different groups at the same time. 
  3. Click Confirm. The documents are now assigned to employees associated with the group. 

How to Bulk Assign “Online Training Courses” 
  1. Within a specific group, click on the Online Training Courses subtab to see a list of courses associated with that group. All courses listed are already assigned to the employees with that group attached to them. 
  2. Click on the Attach Courses button to bring up a list of your available courses. 
  3. Click the checkbox by the courses you want to be assigned to this group of users.
  4. Click Confirm to assign the selected courses to employees associated with that group.

NOTE: Depending on the number of employees and courses selected, this step could take some time to process. Feel free to navigate away, but rest assured we are assigning courses in the background for you! 

Other Tips and Tricks 

  1. Employees added to an existing group will automatically be assigned all documents & courses associated with it. 

NOTE: They will NOT be re-assigned courses they already had assigned. 

  1. Removing an employee from a group will automatically remove documents & courses that were assigned to them but not completed
  2. If you unpublish a document, it will be removed from the group and will no longer be assigned to the users.
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