Release Notes - October 15, 2023

We are excited to announce the latest release of 1Life Software. The updates represent a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to enhance your experience and deliver new features and improvements.

Assigned Document Merge

Our new feature, "Assigned Document Merge," empowers you to efficiently synchronize and manage your assigned documents. We understand that each client has unique preferences and requirements, so we have introduced the following customizable options:

  1. Send All Assigned Documents to Mobile Device in the Setting

    Description: A new setting has been introduced in your system's settings menu, known as the "Send Assigned Documents to Mobile Device" setting. This setting provides you with the ability to enable or disable this feature.

    When enabled, this feature ensures that all newly assigned documents are automatically sent to the mobile devices of all users. This streamlines the document distribution process, making it more convenient for users to access their assignments on their mobile devices.

  2. Sync Specific Assigned Documents to Mobile Devices

    Description: Web administrators now have the ability to sync hand-picked assigned documents to specific users' mobile devices. This feature allows administrators to navigate to Assigned Documents and select which documents to sync to the mobile device.

These options have been designed to provide flexibility and tailor the management of assigned documents to your specific needs. Whether you need to automate document assignment or require customized handling, our feature gives you the control to ensure your documents are synchronized seamlessly.

Enhanced Document Sign-Off

Description: In conjunction with the merge feature, we are introducing a new and improved way for users to sign off on documents within the web application. This enhancement aligns the web sign-off process with our mobile application, offering users greater flexibility and functionality. Here are the key improvements:

  1. Document Assignment to Projects: Users can now assign a document to a specific project directly during the sign-off process. This streamlines document organization and ensures that documents are linked to the correct projects for better tracking and management.
  2. Add Additional Signatures: The updated sign-off process now allows for the inclusion of multiple signatures on a single document. This feature enables collaborative approval workflows and supports scenarios where multiple individuals need to sign off on the same document.

For more information see the Assigned Documents Merge Release Notes at the link below:

We can not forget about our other features that have been released over the past month.

Here are the key features and changes:

  1. Emails for Assignments: Users will now receive a single email for all their assignments, reducing email clutter.
  2. Form Corrective Actions: Changes have been made to form corrective actions, including the permanent visibility of the save and cancel buttons at the bottom of the box, a labeled corrective action assigned box, and automatic selection of the logged-in user's name.
  3. Side Filter Panel: Users can now collapse the side filter panel to improve the view on filled-out forms.
  4. Search in Filled out Forms: The search feature in the "Filled out Forms" columns has been improved to ignore special characters and spaces for ease of use.
  5. Archive Assigned Forms: Web administrators now have the capability to archive assigned forms. Note that archived forms will not be immediately removed from the mobile device.
  6. Training Tasks: Training tasks can now include links for added flexibility.
  7. Form Template Last Updated: The "Form Template Last Updated" column has been removed for simplicity.
  8. Improved User Interface: The user interface has been enhanced to ensure longer training record folders are visible and easy to read.
  9. Form ID in Exports: The Form ID is now included in the export of filled-out forms. This unique ID can be found in the URL when viewing a form and allows users to easily identify and access specific forms.
  10. Adding Contacts: Users can now add new contacts to the system directly when completing a form. By clicking on "Additional," then "Contacts," and selecting "Add New," users can include contacts who can subsequently sign off on the form.
  11. Adding Form Tags: Users have the capability to add new form tags, provided the company setting allows for this. Form tags can help categorize and organize forms effectively.

User Page New Features

  1. Permission and Status Display: Permissions and user status have been greyed out to prevent accidental removal of access when viewing a user's profile. This change ensures greater clarity and minimizes inadvertent actions.
  2. Auto-Date Insertion: When adding a new user, the system now automatically inserts the date, and users can filter users by this field.
  3. User Management: On the user page, you can now quickly activate and inactivate a user with a new icon, providing more efficient user management.
  4. Groups Column: A new "Groups" column has been added to the user page, allowing users to easily see the groups to which other users are attached. Filters can be applied to narrow down the user list.

Plus more coming within the week - see the new enhanced user profile article in our knowledge base

These enhancements aim to streamline user management, improve form tracking, and enhance the overall functionality and user experience within the system.

Bug fixes

  1. Filters in Filled Out Forms: Web administrators can now clear filters in the Filled Out Forms section for more effective management.
  2. Form Watcher Email: Form Watcher emails are set to issue only upon the completion of a form, reducing unnecessary notifications.
  3. Error Message for User Updates: Web administrators will now receive an error message when updating a user, ensuring accurate user information.
  4. Table Sort Bug Fix: A bug in table sorting that affected the task report has been fixed, allowing for more accurate and efficient reviewing.
  5. Training Record Folder Name Update: Training record folder names now display correctly, improving organization and clarity.
  6. Training Record Count Accuracy: The training record count is now accurate, providing a reliable overview of training progress.
  7. Filled Out Forms Export: The filled out forms export now includes the "Signed Off By User" column, enhancing document tracking.
  8. Notification Email Enhancements: Notification emails now take into account archived forms and documents in the outstanding numbers, providing a more comprehensive view.
  9. Form Tag Removal: Removed form tags no longer appear on the form or in the form tag count, improving data accuracy.
  10. Course Question Fix: An issue causing duplicate answers in fill-in-the-blank questions during courses has been resolved, ensuring a smoother learning experience.
  11. Mass Import Hire Date Fix: An issue on the mass import sheet preventing the hire date from being populated has been fixed, facilitating user data management.
  12. Export Visibility: When exporting a document and form, all names are now visible, preventing any omissions in the exported data
  13. Missing signatures and pictures on an iPhone, we have added a simple way to get the files back. Please see the link below:

For further guidance on how to utilize any of these new features, please consult our documentation or get in touch with our support team at We're here to help you make the most of these enhancements.

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