How to View Forms

On the left hand side of the screen, or on a smaller screen as an icon, you will see the filter options. Simply checking a box will narrow your results in the current view. To remove your filters, press Clear filters at the top of the filter section.

The table header contains the title of the view, edit columns, date range and the total number of results. 

Filled out Forms View

Every web admin has preloaded default views as pictured below. By clicking on the arrow by the title, you can select one of the default views, or to access your custom and saved views . Once an option is selected, the results will be displayed on the page.

Editing and Reordering Columns

The columns icon enables you to edit your results even further. You can choose to add or remove columns by selecting or deselecting the checkbox beside the column labels. 

On the right side of the Column tab, you can also click and drag each column label to decide their orientation on the Filled-out Form page.

Remember to hit save when you’re done to apply the changes.


Each filled out form must have a project specified, which will show up on this page. You can click the name of the project on any form to view that project and all documents / forms that are associated with this project.


The calendar enables you to filter data within a certain date range. You can either use the default date range available or customize the date range to meet your requirement. The All time option can be used to find all the filled out forms for your company. 

Columns and Filters

Each column filter can sort A-Z or Z-A , search for specific data using the search box, and/or select specific data by clicking the checkbox. You can also clear the filtered results by selecting the Reset filter icon at the bottom.

When you add filter items in the column, or change the date range or use the side filters, your results will only include the items contained in the current table if you were to select an additional column filter or return to the initial column.

Clicking reset filters will clear off all filters and return you to the view you were on.

All columns contain filters with the exception of the following;

Created Date -  by default you are always seeing the newest form on top, but the order can be changed by clicking on the title. 

Information - includes icons

Audit (checkmark) - has not been modified in over 8 days (clock), Unresolved Hazard(s) (red exclamation mark), Resolved Hazard(s)(green exclamation mark),  and Private Form (lock). All of these items can be filtered using the side filters.

Status - filters for status are contained in the side filters. The column can be sorted A-Z or Z-A

How to Save and Delete a View

Any time you alter a view, you will see the view title change to Custom and the Save view will become clickable.

In a save view, you can save any filter - side or columns, date range, columns and order of columns to anything you need to see again. Once you have your items, 

  1. Click on Save View. 
  2. Add a name for your view. 
  3. Click Save once complete. 

You can access your saved view by simply clicking on the arrow near the view title. You can also delete your view by simply clicking on the x. You will be prompted to confirm.

How to Export to an Excel Spreadsheet

1Life Platform includes options to export to an Excel spreadsheet. Clicking the Export to Spreadsheet action button will download the current page’s information..

NOTE: If you had filters applied, the export button will ONLY download the information that is available in your table.

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