How to View Filled out Forms

You can see the name of the form, the project the form is assigned to, who submitted the form, which date it was created, and its status. The icons on the far-right show if the form has any corrective actions:

  • It will display either a red or green exclamation mark depending on whether the hazard has been corrected or not.
  • If the form was filled out and has not been updated in “8” days, it will be marked with a clock indicating that these forms will not be sent down during the synchronization of the mobile devices.
  • For private templates, you will see the padlock symbol; only web admins can see completed private templates.
  • If the form has been Audited, it will display a checkmark icon

More information about these states can be found by hovering your mouse over the icon to display the help text for each icon. 

On this screen, you can change which project the form was submitted to, change/add form tags, audit the form, download the form as a PDF, review the form, and even sign off.

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