Release Notes - January 10, 2024

As we usher in the new year, we're thrilled to share some exciting updates and features that are sure to make your experience with 1Life even more fabulous in 2024!

New Features Highlights:

  1. Help Articles: We've introduced a convenient way for you to navigate through the software seamlessly. Look for the question mark icon in the top left corner of the screen. Clicking on it will reveal a box with help articles specific to the page, quick access to the knowledge base, and links to contact support.
  2. Training Reporting for Supervisor/Manager: Additionally, we are thrilled to introduce a new feature that further empowers supervisors and managers in ensuring the safety and compliance of their team members. With this enhancement, supervisors not only have access to all of their employees' training records but also benefit from improved visibility into online course progress reporting. This feature is conveniently located under the Training tab of the system, providing a comprehensive overview of your team's training journey. We believe this enhancement will significantly contribute to your ability to monitor and support your team's training and development efforts effectively.
  3. User Export Enhancements: The User Export feature now includes essential details such as the "Supervisor" column, title, hire date, and user-added date for efficient identification and management.
  4. Assigned Documents: Signing off on documents is now more intuitive! Use the "Click to Sign" button to quickly navigate to the bottom of the document for a seamless signing experience.
  5. Projects Enhancements:
    • Archived projects are now easily distinguishable with a new red color and are clearly marked as archived.
    • Clicking on a project name when viewing forms will now navigate you to the projects overview page.
  6. Software Training Project: All companies will now find a dedicated "1Life Software Training" project. Use this project for training users on how to use the software, and if you want to exclude its data from your forms and documents view, simply reach out to our client support team for a cleanup.
  7. Dashboard Updates:
    • All users now have a version of the dashboard! Employees will see their overview on the home page, while supervisors and managers will have an overview of their team's results. We're eager to hear your thoughts on what reporting features you'd like to see in the next phases of the dashboard.
    • Dashboard default time range is now the last 30 days
  8. Form Enhancements:
    • Greyed Out Created By and Assigned To: When filling out a form, the "Created By" and "Assigned To" fields are now greyed out. This adjustment is designed to improve form clarity and streamline the user experience.
    • Form ID on Downloaded Forms: Downloaded forms now include the Form ID. This addition provides a unique identifier for each form, making it easier to reference and track. Use this form ID to easily view the electronic copy of any form by following these steps:
        • Open any form on the web.
        • In the URL, insert the Form ID of the form you wish to see.
  9. Corrective Action: As a user adding a note to a corrective action, the box will now expand as the user types.
  10. User Profile Update: a user can now be able to add, update or delete emergency contacts if the company setting for profile editing is on.
  11. Scheduler Reporting: Administrators can now effortlessly view active schedules and associated users. Navigate to the Administration tab, Reports - Users by Schedule Tab for streamlined management.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Form Template Group Import:
    • Issue: Importing an entire form template group resulted in imported form templates having the same position value.
    • Fix: This issue has been resolved, and form templates will now maintain their correct position values upon import.
  2. Group Administrator Logo Update:
    • Issue: The logo of the company for a group administrator was not updating when switching between different companies in the group.
    • Fix: The logo now correctly updates based on the selected company, providing a seamless experience for group administrators.
  3. Form Title Update and Breadcrumb:
    • Issue: Updating a form title did not reflect in the breadcrumb.
    • Fix: The form title now accurately updates the breadcrumb for improved navigation.
  4. Form Job Sorting for Web Admins:
    • Issue: Web admins were unable to see newly added, exported, and finalized form jobs at the top of the list.
    • Fix: Form jobs are now appropriately sorted, with newly added ones appearing at the top for better visibility.
  5. Delete Form Template Element:
    • Issue: Deleting a form template element caused the rest of the elements to have the same position value.
    • Fix: Deleting a form template element now maintains the correct position values for the remaining elements.

      Task and Assign Document Order on "Required My Attention" Page:

    • Issue: The order shown on the "Required My Attention" page did not match what users could view on the Details page.
    • Fix: The order has been synchronized between the "Required My Attention" page and the Details page for a consistent user experience.
  6. Multiple Projects Selected in Project Drop-Down While Filling Out a Form:
    • Issue: Switching between different projects while filling out a form caused multiple projects to be shown as selected in the project drop-down.
    • Fix: The project drop-down now accurately reflects the selected project while filling out a form.

Additional Updates:

  1. Form Templates Mass Manage:
    • Update: When in form templates search, clicking on mass manage now allows web admins to see all form folders, improving management capabilities.
  2. Invalid Emergency Phone Number Error:
    • Fix: The invalid emergency phone number error when adding a contact has been resolved, ensuring accurate data entry.
  3. Training Record Attachment:
    • Update: While attaching the training record to a user, the "Filter by username" filter placeholder has been updated to "Filter by full name or username" for clarity
    • Update: When mass managing forms, the user attachment will be removed if you include training records from the online training library as these certificates are automatically generated.

We're committed to making your experience with 1Life Software exceptional, and your feedback is invaluable. If you have any suggestions or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at or call 204-231-5433.

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