How to Complete a Online Course

If you have had a course assigned to you, you will be able to start your course by first logging into the 1Life Software. 

  • Select Documents then select Requiring My attention, here you’ll see courses assigned to you
  • You can also access the learning management system by Selecting Training then select Online training. You will be redirected to the learning Management System tab where you can complete your courses or get more detailed information about your courses.

You can scroll through the page to view all the course slides, to track your progress, and complete the course. Clicking Continue after each slide will save your progress; you may stop the course at any time and return when you can finish your training. 

You can hide the course contents menu by clicking the ‘content tab’ at the top of the course screen. You can also add notes on each slide of a course. You can access these notes throughout the course by clicking the “notes” tab at the top of the Course screen. 

While you are not timed during the course content, you will have a time limit to complete your exam. This limit varies depending on the course, though it is normally an hour which would be ample time to complete any of our course exams. If you do not finish the exam within the allotted time frame, your progress will be marked once the time finishes. If you scored below 80%, you will need to take the exam again. Each exam can be taken three times before the course content is required to be retaken.

Once you have finished the exam, you will be prompted to provide your feedback and comments on the training content. 

After you have made your comments and submitted your feedback, you can now find this status as completed. From here, you can download your certificate and wallet card by clicking the respective buttons.

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