How to Complete an Assigned (To Do) Form

Assigned Form (To Do)

A form that has been scheduled for you to complete will have the To Do below the form name. When you click on the form title, you will see the Assigned tag on the top right-hand corner of the form.

As this form has been scheduled, it will already have the project selected or have the default Schedules project. You can click in the box and start typing, or scroll to find the project the form should be assigned to.

You will see mandatory section of the form by the red bars by the question.

For more information on completing a form, please navigate to How to Complete a Form on the Web

Assign a Form
  1. Click the name of the form to view it
  2. Click the assign form button
  3. Search for any user by name
  4. Filter the users by type using the tabs
  5. Click Select to assign the form 

Finalize a Filled out Form
  1. Click the name of the form to view it
  2. Click the Finalize Form button
    1. If there are unresolved corrective actions you will be alerted
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